Match Report
Dunottar School 1st VII vs  Surrey U.16 Tournament Girls-U16A
On: Thursday, 05 Oct 2017
Venue: tbc

We had a large squad, thanks to outstanding commitment and attitude to this year group in netball.

It was a very windy day so the girls knew that short fast passes were the aim, as well as getting nearer to the post to shoot.

The first game was very end to end and unfortunately few to many misses meant our side narrowly loss. The second pool game saw a big improvement and the girls got the draw.

Many different combinations took to the court and showcased some nice netball. However, the flow down court throughout the day was not as good as we would have liked. We must stop taking 1 step then all sprinting towards the ball in attack in order to get the ball into our D more easily.

The last game the girls played well, and was nice to see Olivia B showing that she is useful as both a GS and GK.

Coaches player of the tournament was Olivia B for her versatility, showing strong rebounds at GK and nice holds as GS.

Now ow the girls are pumped for the season! Unfortunately a slow start by the girls meant it was not as successful as perhaps we would have liked.